Thursday, April 16, 2009

I just have to share this... those of you who know Brett will find it an absolute crackup.

(just to clarify... it's not him)

In the Millie world... everything is going well.
She had another trip to the doctor today. She has conjuntivitis. That would be all three of my bubs who have had it really young. She's happy though. It's not bothering her. Heck, not much bothers her. She's such a happy content little thing. She's growing so fast and chubbing up so deliciously. Her thighs! Man I just want to pinch em. Softly of course.

I went out to camera club tonight. Was a bit boring really, but hey still got me out of the house. But gosh I missed my girl so much! I was glad she wanted to be fed when I got home as it gave me a chance to go snuggle with her in the quiet. Bliss.

I'm attempting to sew. I'll let you know how that goes. It will either go great and I'll show pics, or the machine will be shoved back in the cupboard for a while. Possibly a long while.

I had a huge clean out of my study. Those who have been here will know how BAD it was. Now it's just a bit bad on the desk. Thankyou IKEA.... we will be back soon.

I've been good and have been updating the photoblog every day, so pop on over there to see more pics of Amelia. I'm being lazy and not uploading twice. The KTP link in the sidebar will take you there.


Chrissy said...

Couldn't be happier to hear Miss Millie is doing so fabulously, she makes my heart smile that gorgeous bubba. You are so blessed Katie.

Looking forward to seeing your sewing fun!
Chrissy x

Karina Mahoney said...

PMSL.....Sure that's not Brett? That is one of the funniest things I have seen in a LONG time. CC was bloomin boring huh. I just hope the ppl who don't know how to use their camera understood how the dude was explaining things cos if I didn't know what I was doing he would have confused the hell out of me. Off to look at some pics of Miss Millie now.