Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just a quick one as I'm heading off to bed...
The apron pattern I made up myself.

Bag pattern is here:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

More photos...

She'd be about 4mths in most of these.
A few from the KTP photoblog that I'll double post:

My second attempt at sewing. One of the little girls at kinder invited Ethan to her birthday party, so we made her an apron and he chose a kids cookbook to go with it. This fabric was supposed to be for her room (quilt etc) and I just thought I'd use it and buy some more. It's out of stock now though, so we ended up with pale pink and white for her room instead. Still nice, but I do like this one better.
Well I guess she can't smile every waking moment...
But she sure smiles a lot...
Wearing her heart monitor...

Ethan helping bath her...
Someone turned 4 just after Amelia was born (like a week!) and I didn't get his immunisations done within 28 days so they cut off my childcare rebate. Buggers. (Like I had a few other things going on in those 28 days!!) Anyway... he's jabbed now. Poor darling. He didn't think very much of it obviously. Think he wanted to tell the nurse where to put her bubbles LOL.

But he got over it... eventually.
They decided they like sleeping in the spare bed, which is next to our room, instead of in thier own room down the other end of the house. With Amelia in our room it means their end of the house is not being used at all... They love it, and I love that they love each other so much.

Long time no post

but no news is good news. We are all chugging along nicely here, just crazy busy. School holidays add to the chaos. I'm exhausted and well and truely ready for them to go back to school next week LOL. I have loved having them home, but it's time. They need it too. They're starting to get a bit sick of each other I think.

So here's some catch up photos. These are from around April/May, so she's around 2.5-3.5mths, and they have kind of loaded in reverse order, and I don't have time to fix that right now, so lets just go with it hey...

Liam.... if I ever try and take a pic of Amelia and he see's me, he wants to be in it. He just can not get enough of her. He's about to head out the door to Auskick here, hence the footy top.

Remember I said I was going to attempt to sew. Here's my first attempt. I quite like it and it does get used.

Awww Daddy/Millie snuggles. Love.

She was fascinated by the light glass on the dark TV unit for a while there. She'd just stare and smile at it for ages. Who needs toys hey.

Early morning out the back. Still in our pj's (well I am).

Awww so tiny. Her NB nappy covers were all in the wash, so she's got a bigger one on (Thanks Cass xx) Look at those tiny legs :( She's grown up so much.

Will be back with more photos soon.