Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some snaps.

I finally got around to downloading the old point and shoot camera, so here are a few snaps of the past month or so. (in no order)

Snuggly in her new sling I made.

Nice *telling brett what to do* face.
We took all the kids to the museum during the holidays. Caught the train in. Unfortunatly my brother had to stay home with Mia because she came down with conjunctivitis. Will came along still though, with mum, dad and my sister. So 4 adults, 6 kids and 2 prams. The kids had a ball, although we didn't get around to seeing everything as they all started to get a bit tired and we wanted to beat the peak hour train traffic home.
Will and Liam atthe crazy mirrors. So, so funny!
Ethan on the music boxes as we all too 5 for a snack.
3D glasses for the dinosaur movie (we acrtually went because just before the holidays Liam had started asking a lot of questions about dinosaurs - what the world was like when they lived, how big are they etc) S l-r Will (5), Liam (7), Ethan (4) (its always the photographers child who doesn't look at the camera lol) and Aidan (6)
In with the bugs :)
The dinosaur Ethan hated.
The smallest one, the only one I could fit in the camera frame in one piece.
Lunch in the gardens. I think those birds thought Amelia looked quite tasty!
Bethany (2) (Aidan's sister/ my sisters little girl)

Some around home snaps. She's so tiny in that big bath.

Big smiles all round.
Early morning boobie feed.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, those pics make me go all smooshy inside! I am NOT clucky... I am NOT clucky ;) Precious! And looks like the boys loved the museum - I'm wondering if D is old enough to enjoy it yet... maybe next year!

Tanya said...
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Tanya said...

The trip to the museum looks like it was great fun! Precious pics of your darling little Princess...

t. xxx

Carolina said...

Katie i just had to laugh at the 'telling Brett what to do' face coz i often have the 'telling Lalo what to do' face and even funnier is when we hand a camera to anyone else HE then also put on a 'do you know what you're doing?' face LOL!
Your princess is looking absolutely edible, love that pic of her on the grass :)

Chrissy said...

Awww Katie that sling is *GORGEOUS*!!!! Loving all the piccies too hon. :) :)