Thursday, March 5, 2009

My other baby

While one baby decided to arrive over a month early, the other baby got pushed back 9 months, but is now ready... well it's not quite, but it's close enough to at least show now LOL What am I talking about? (Because heck no I'm not pregnant again!!)

It was *supposed* to be up and running by July last year, but a certain little miss and some morning sickness got in the way of that, followed closley by a Christmas rush. So then I aimed to finish shooting in December, use January to get shoots/orders/paperwork etc all up to date, and use February to work on the site. BUT, as we all know January and February turned out to be quite an exhausting challenge.

I still need to add a lot of text to the site, and I still need to add music, pricing info etc, which I will do very soon. But for now I need to get a maternity shoot I did before Amelia was born out, and I have a newborn from last week to edit, and then I have two more newborns in the next two weeks. Then it will be April, and I'll officially start back up again.

As for the first baby: She's doing great. We had a health centre checkup last friday. She's 7lb 9oz (3440g). It was her due date on Saturday and her weight is flat bang between the boys birth weights. She would have been a boofer though had she gone full term. I count a big baby as anything over 8lb, so I nearly died when my midwives and the pead said she would have been around 10lb LOL I DON'T DO 10lb BABIES!!

She's getting a bit fed up with being hauled all over the place at the moment, and we've just had 3 days of constant crying/screaming, which is so unlike her. I thought she might have had a bit of colic so we went for a visit to my gorgeous friend and neighbour Amanda for a baby massage mini lesson. It helped a little, but she was still quite unsettled so we went and got some colic drops that won't affect her heart meds but she was still not quite right. (I've also checked her heart about a million times and it's fine, so it's not that upsetting her). So I think she was also a bit overtired, so I've tried really hard to not go out more than I absolutly have to today. But I obviously still have to do a school run in the morning, then a kinder run at lunch time, then school and kinder pickups in the afternoon. Liam's been great though and comming out to meet me at the pick up point, so I don't have to get Amelia out of the car. Tonight she's been a lot better than she has for the past few nights, so hopefully she's feeling better.

No wonder I feel tired LOL


Nic Wood said...

Your site looks fantastic - loved sitting there looking through your galleries, as always Im just blown away by your stunning style. The layout of your site, the colours and the 'freshness' of it compliments your photos beautifully.

Hope your little princess has settled for you now!

Nic xxx

jane fitchett said...

hi katie
yay! the site looks fabulous! love the studio/beach/park categories- perfect!!

do you have anyone who can help with the kinder/school runs...

might try and visit you one day when al is at home to look after luke :)

Peahen said...

They get over stimulated so easily. I can't imagine having a baby with school age kids, it must be tough. As you know Ryan was colicky, I have learned a few tricks I would be happy to share anytime. XXX

Gayle said...

hey your new site! Love the brightness of it.

Sal :-) said...

Oh Gosh Katie, I can't beleive your thinking about work LOL.

Praying that life is balanced for you guys and you still have the time to enjoy that bundle of sweetness. My goodness she is such a girly version of Brett!!

Oh and I was so not a pink girl either until I had girls. I kinda get dissapointed when they don't want to wear it so much :-( It's Mumma who wears pink now ;-)

Leonna said...

I love the site. It's simple, bright and effective. I love the way the colours change with the photos. Very clever!
I'm sure there would be heaps of people only too happy to drop Liam home from school for a week at a time, I sure would. Of course I know you would probably want to do it yourself but it's an idea, even just for a little while.