Friday, March 13, 2009

It's hard to believe our little princess has been home with us for a month now. It's all gone so fast - in a bit of a blur really LOL. This week she has been back to her usual self again. Feeding well and settling AND sleeping inbetween. We even get a bit of awake time now. That's exciting. I'm sure last week was just a growth spurt, as she's pretty much outgrown the little suits I had to go and buy a few weeks ago. And her Itti Bitti nappies now fit... so I bought another two. Couldn't resist. Mum made a huge stack of newborn sized modern cloth nappies for me while I was pregnant and she wears them all the time, except for overnight when she wears a sposie... only so I don't have to change her if she's only weed. But geez sposies STINK. Her wet cloth nappies don't smell at all. (you needed to know that hey - well I am keeping this as a record too ;) ) Anyway I think it will soon be time to pack up those newborn nappies too, so I bought a few more Itti's.

I have not 'officially' started back at work yet, but I did have a few past clients have newborns so I've been doing a few shoots. It's so good to get back into it. My phojo is back and I'm loving taking pics again. So.... here are a few more of my babes (can't say 'the boys' anymore can I).

Pic of me was taken by Kylie.

The last one was taken almost a month ago now! On her second day home. She had better not loose that hair!

Now I need to go take some snapshots so I can do some scrapping.

And on that... who's going to Crop for Kids? I'm going to work out a way to get there for sure. I remember working on it the past two years and saying "I've never had to use RCH, hopefully I'll never have to". Gee how quickly things can turn around :) So scrappers, go check it out and come if you can!!


Briony said...

Oh Katie they are absolutely beautiful! So glad all is going well,

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh, divine, Katie. She is just so perfect.

How sweet that her Itti's fit! I have X in them all the time now - even overnight - because they are lined with velour, they work really well over night.

I am hoping to be at CFK too, so really hope to catch up with you there.


Tara said...

oh the photos are just perfect. she is one very adorable little lady.

Leonna said...

I just go goo-gah over your photos everytime! They are beautiful and that last one looks like she is having the best dream ever.

Megan said...

Oh my goodness Katie my heart is doing little flipouts over these photos. So so cute.

I am planning on going to CFK so really hope I can catch up with you and Miss Amelia there.

miss~nance said...

Katie - they really are just gorgeous photos.

Hugs & Blessing


Crop For Kids said...

She is unbelievably gorgeous Katie. I'd never want to put her down! That last photo especially I love - she looks like she's having a beautiful dream.


lusi said...

Oh Katie!!!! Those snaps are INCREDIBLE! :)
Sending lots and lots of love to you all,
Lus x

Sofi said...

Aw, Katie, she is really a cutie! I love all the photos. It's making me clucky again!