Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So far today:

Got everyone ready and dropped off at school and childcare.
Gone to the doc (who, buy 9.30am was already running 1.5hours late)
Had Amelia immunised
Grocery shopped
Photographed a friends preggie belly
Finally finished editing Sarah's shoot
Done two loads of washing
Hung out one load, about to hang out the 2nd load
Folded the 4 loads of washing from the weekend
Put half of it away
Cook Pad Thai for dinner
Stalked the postie/courier for my new lens
Stalked the postie/courier for my new nappies
Stalked the postie/courier for my sample albums
Designed some tags and cards for work
Cleaned the kitchen and family room
Cleaned the ensuite
Picked everyone up from school and childcare
Listened to Liam's reader
Tidied his room (a little bit)
Half packaged Zoe's order
Updated the photoblog
Found my point and shoot camera.
Found the battery for the point and shoot camera and charged it.
Put Amelia in and out of the car 8 times.
Visited a neighbour (very quickly)
Got everyone showered (even Amelia got put in with Brett)
Cleaned out the fridge
Took out the rubbish
Looked at Amelia's (empty) scrapbooking album and told myself I can start it when these orders are out.
And fed and changed Amelia I don't know how many times.

Tomorrow's list will be just as big :)


Cass said...

Don't worry, the list will get shorter. Maybe in 20 years or so. ;)
Glad to hear things are starting to get back to normal for your beautiful family. *Hugs*

Nic Wood said...

...and in your spare time? LOL
When you list it all like that doesnt it make you wonder how you manage to get through it all.

Sounds as though you are definately back into the swing of everyday life, and that Amelia hasnt slowed you down one little bit LOL

Nic xxx

Stitchingmum said...

Katie, I'm exhausted just reading that list, and I'm only about to start 'my' day (the part of the day that proceeds after getting the kids up, organised and off to school), lol!!! Hmmm, I wish the lists got smaller as kids gre up, but in reality, they get longer, just different. And sometimes, if I could click my fingers, I'd go back to where you are now in a heartbeat :-)

Leonna said...

That just made me feel very slack today reading that! lol

Kathleen Pitt said...

I so dont know how you have the energy for all that girl!! I guess i am a few weeks behind you though :) What kind of nappies did you get? We bought a bundle of the Haute ones, which we just LOVE and are so soft and lovely - I can't believe how well they work, we will save so much money not having disposables.

Karen L said...

Got to say too Katie that I was totally exhausted reading your list - oh to be young again and have that extra energy.
Karen L

Karina Mahoney said...

Goodness, I had to have a laugh about stalking the courier/postie though.

Carolina said...

Ok, i need a rest now! LOL