Tuesday, February 3, 2009

03.02.09 [10 days old]

She had a good night last night, no SVT's. Mum and I went into the hospital and she was great all day. She wouldn't suck today though, her nurses said most likley because she's jaundiced and sleepy. Spoke to her cardiologist who was lovley and very re-assuring. Spoke about the drug she's on now, that they are upping the dose, and if she tolerates it will change to another drug which only has to be given once a day, instead of three times a day. Had a lesson in listening to her heart, and they described the best way to bring her out of an SVT, by icing her and how to do it, and that when it happens we need to get her out of it and then ring an ambulance to take her to RCH. I came home, picked up the boys, did dinner, baths etc and got them into bed.

At 10.30 the hospital called. She had another SVT at 9.10. They iced her and she didn't come around, so they used the gag reflex and she still didn't come around. So they had to inject her with drugs to bring her out of it. What the hell is wrong with my baby! How the hell can I take care of her?

ETA: I woke just after 4am, with a gut feeling I needed to call the hospital. I called and she'd just had another episode. Again, they had to use the drugs to get it down. Called again later in the morning and got one of the nurses to explain about the meds a bit better to me. Basically they are upping the dose she's on, but that have to do it very slowly because it can cause her heart to beat too slow, and also reduces her blood sugar levels. It's killing me to not be in there today, but it's Ethan's first day of kinder (yeah, that's right - remember those poor other kids I also have!) and I really want to be there to take him to kinder on his first day. It's also his birthday tomorrow. We had a smallish party planned, which got downscaled to family only party when Amelia arrived... which then was pretty much cancelled when she was taken to RCH. Thankfully my sister stepped in and had it at her house, so although Brett and I couldn't be there, Ethy still got his birthday cake (made by my SIL) and spent a fun afternoon with his all of cousins and grandparents - both mine and Brett's side.

All of our family and friends have been so wonderful. From the minute my waters broke the boys have been passed around from house to house, we've had dinners delivered... everything we could need and more has been offered. We are so greatful. And the presents... the mailbox is full almost every day LOL Thankyou so much for the beautiful gifts. Now we just need to get Miss Milly sorted out and home!
More photos:
Mumma cuddles.
Nanna cuddles: (mum has been awsome, dropping everything to come in each day with me so I don't have to do it all alone - plus I think she likes the cuddles ;) ).
Her heater bed. One of those zillion wires is a thermometer which attaches to the heater and the heater adjusts itself to keep her at the right temp. Very clever hey :)


Tara said...

Oh Katie... so sorry to hear this. Lots and lots of prayers for all of you at this time, and big hugs too.

inkcredible said...

Just one at at the time.


Crop For Kids said...

Katie, it's heartbreaking to think what you are going through. I'm praying my hardest for you and Milly.


Nic Wood said...

(((((hugs))))) and lots of prayers -Im sure you will find the strength to do what ever is needed for your little princess.
Look after yourself as well.
Nic xxx

Cass said...

My heart breaks just thinking of what you (and Brett) are going through. *hugs*

klarnold said...

big hugs Katie. Thinking of you

Briony said...

Hi Katie,
Thank you for the link. I am so sorry to hear what you're family is going through. I am thnking of you all.

Megan said...

Oh Katie I'm just so sad to think that you, Brett and the boys are going through all this.
Know that in all this and in the days ahead, He is walking by your side, holding your family in his arms.

Leonna said...

Oh gosh Katie, I'm getting teary for you reading these. Thinking of you. xx

Sofi said...

Oh, Katie, big {{{hugs}}} to you.


Jasmine said...

I can't begin to imagine what you and your family are going through. But I think of you often and have been praying for you.

Jas xx

miss~nance said...

((((((((((KAtie)))))))))))))))) Am praying for your precious lttle Amelia and of course for her mummy too.


Sarah said...

Oh Hon,

This is just so not fair.. I am sorry you have to go through all of this..

Big hugs to you all.. Here's hoping they get the Meds all sorted out and no more episodes..

Big Happy Birthday to Ethy Bug.. Hope he has a wonderful first day at kinder too.....Don't you dare feel guilty for one second, you can't be split in half and you Miss Katie are a wonderful Mummy!!

Big hugs