Saturday, February 7, 2009

08.02.2009 [15 days old]

Staying overnight has the advantage of being able to catch the Doctors doing their rounds in the morning, as I have buckley's chance of getting in to RCH by 8am. They were happy there were still no SVT's, but it's still early on the new drug. They thought they were winning on Propanalol for a while there, and then she had another episode of it. They are very happy that she is breastfeeding and topping up with Haberman teat. Nasel gastric tube can come out! The IV needs to stay in until she goes home though, as they need access to her vein to put the Adenosine in if needed. Her heartrate is a bit lower on the Sotalol - around 102bmp. Today we dressed her in a shortie suit (short sleeve because of the IV) and wapped her, then switched off the heater on her cot, to test if she can hold her own temp. She got a bit cold (36.1), so they added a blanket, and she was doing ok. See how she goes over night and she may be able to go into an open cot.

Brett's parents came in to visit and had their first cuddle of her.

15 days old already. It's going so fast! I have to keep telling myself that she really shouldn't still be here yet. But so much for taking nice curly newborn photos before she was 10 days old. Wasn't really counting on those pice being in a hospital, with tubes and wires LOL. I'm sure I'll make up for it soon enough.

My sister is comming in with me tomorrow.


Peahen said...

So much going through your head, you poor thing. Yay on the nasal tube coming out. That's huge. I hope she holds her temp with the heating blanket and is able to go into an open cot tomorrow. How exciting for Brett's parents to get their first cuddle. She is definitely one seriously loved little chicky.....but then again she always were ALWAYS rubbing her in your belly and when she is 15 and giving your curry over black eyeliner and boys you WILL just laugh because your bond is going to be so strong you will see the funny side.

Lou Spiden said...

HI Katie,
I know you must be in another world at the moment. Just know there are lots of people thinking of you and wishing you guys the best. If you need anything, ASK!


Lisa said...

Katie - I TOTALLY understand the breastfeeding thing. Yes it is hard to express at home etc. but to have something which you can do for your baby is priceless. Keep it up if you can.
My thoughts are with you constantly. A day in the life of a sick newborn is full of ups and downs. I can only hope that the ups willl be constant soon.
Love Lisa

lusi said...

Hi honey,
Just dropping by to send my love to you and brett, the boys and of course princess Amelia :)
My prayers are continuing for you mate.
Love Lus x

miss~nance said...

Still praying for your precious Milly and your family.



Jen said...

Hi Sweetie,
I am so glad to hear the Gastric Tube can come out. I remember how relieved I was when I was told that with my girls. Great to hear you have been able to Breastfeed her.
Thinking of you all the time, remember we are here if you need anything, just let us know.
Love to Brett and the Boys.
Jen, Kristopher, Charlotte & Jessica xoxox

Kylie said...

She is just gorgeous Katie! xoxoxoxoxoxo