Friday, February 20, 2009

20.02.2009 [27 days old]

The Maternal Child Health Nurse came to visit today for Amelia's first official checkup. Poor child is almost a month old and has not had her newborn exam, or her two week assessment recorded - but with the amount of tests she's had, I'm sure we have all the details, just on a million pieces of paper instead of in her neat little book.

She's doing wonderfully. Still feeding 3 hourly, although last night she fed at 11pm then not again until 3am and then 7am. The night before she'd fed almost every hour and I was stuffed by morning, then she decided she was going to sleep all day and I decided she wasn't. She won. It's actually REALLY hard to wake a baby up if they don't want too LOL. So I was thinking I'd have another marathon feed night, but she was good to me.

As of today (just after a feed) she weighed 3070g (6lb 7oz)... We've popped the 3kg mark :) She put on 190g in 8 days (much better than Liam's 10g a week!) I don't have a lenth for her yet. Sure I could measure her myself, but who has time to worry about that, and third baby... it's not like shes going to be shrinking.

I had to pack up one of her suits. She outgrew it already :( Brett's sister bought her some tiny clothes when she was born, but she only ended up wearing clothes once at Frankston, and not for long. They constantly need access to the tubes and wires and stickies, so it's easier to just have them nude, and being in the isolette, she was warm.

Now, my next predicament... I need a photo for a canvas. And I can't choose. Any opinions on either of these, or any from the last set? I also need to choose a photo for her (our) thankyou's and as much as I love these, the first thing people comment on when they see her is her hair, and there will be thankyou's going out to people who have never seen her, so as much as I love this hat, I need a pic with her hair showing. I took some more tonight, but she looks like a boy in them LOL Need some pink. (did I just say that?)

OK, I need sleep. And she's just waking up.


jane fitchett said...

hi katie
i love them all. but i think i like the last one (colour. on the side)
if you want to show her hair, maybe get a tiny little clip you can catch some of the hair in, with a little flower or bow on it- or photoshop a little flower behind her ear LOL
great to hear she is progressing so well

Cass said...

I agree with Jane - the colour, on the side photo. And if you want a 'hair photo' try a tiny clip, but personally I think the photos you have taken here are absolutely gorgeous. Hope you have more luck with clips than me! Annie still pulls hers out all the time! *hugs*

Leonna said...

Aw she 's so sweet I could just gobble her up! The photos are just gorgeous. I agree with Jane on the last one. Wouldn't it be ace if she graced the cover of my (one day to be very famous) books, hehe!

klarnold said...

I love them all - but I prefer the first set - though very hard to decide between the colour and the black and white. It is good to be hearing such wonderful news about her progress.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

absolutely lovely to see AMelia!
hope you are well too.

miss~nance said...

I'm with K but I really love the colur front shot. And if you really love the hat use those photos - there will be time later for hair photos.


PS Did I say that she is absolutley gorgeous..........

Peahen said...

She certainly is getting much bigger. She looks amazing, so healthy and plump. Knowing where you want to hang them and knowing you want three together I am going to say the first colour one. I wont comment on the thankyou note cos I know you have already done them (I was slow catching up on ya blog this time).

Hang on, I thought you said you wanted the boys pics to be light and airy, with white backdrops or white tops.....shouldn't you do the same with Miss "A"s. Not the white top but the light airy feeling.

dannii_b said...

Hey Katie, I also really like the last shot, it's gorgeous!
And I agree with the others about the hair clip, how gorgeous would that look!
Thanks for sharing your amazing pics of Amelia, she is absolutely scrumptious!

Jen said...

Looks like most of us agree with the last shot Kate. The one in colour on her side. But I do agree with you about the Thank you cards, she has such wonderful hair you should show it off!
Talk to you at school...