Tuesday, February 17, 2009

13-17.02.2009 [20-24 days old]

Just an update to say all is still going well. Amelia has now gone over one week with no SVT. We're being very diligent with her meds, and thankfully she takes them well with no fuss at all. They have to be given at 8am and 8pm on the dot, so thankfully she even takes it in her sleep quite happily. We check her heart every time we feed/change her, which is every 3hours at the moment. It's all becoming less daunting as time goes on. So far she's such an easy baby. She just grizzles every 3hours to let us know she's awake and would like some food, and because she's still very little she needs to be fed frequently still. When ever anyone sees her they always comment on how tiny she is, but to Brett and I she has grown SO much! Looking at her feet I know they are so much bigger than they were when she was born. I wish I could have stamped her footprints when she was born, but obviously with IV's and all the technical bits on her feet it would have been next to impossible, had I even had the thought or energy to have done it then. There were much more important matters on my mind then hey LOL.
We have our appointment booked for next week with the Cardiologist, so yet another trip back into the city. While the travel back and forth each day may be exhausting, there are a heck of a lot of families in the Cardiac ward where Amelia was, who all travel from interstate, leaving behind a lot of their family and support people. And there is nothing like a trip around the RCH to realise, that we are so, so lucky. We have NOTHING to worry about, when we see other families. Don't get me wrong, at the time it's all happening, it's as scariest thing in the world, but putting things into perspective sure helps you move forward.
Liam got Student of the Week last week for 'adapting so well during his first week back at school, with a new baby in the family and mum away at the Royal Childrens Hospital' I thought that was so sweet of them to recognise him like that. Made him feel very special.
Ethan is still enjoying kinder. He has a little cold at the moment, so hopefully he doesn't decide to share it with Amelia, and it stays little and is gone quick.
Brett... well he pretty much shaved his head. That's about all the news I can think of for him right now. But he's good. He's always good :)
Miss Milly and I had a very quick play with some piccies the other day. I bought the beanie while I was pregnant and wondered if her head would fit into that tiny beanie... needless to say the beanie is HUGE on her. I just adore that hat, fell in love with it the second I found it, and had to have it... regardless of the ridiculous amount I paid for it LOL. I also bought a new lens while I was pregnant. I bought it at the start of December and just wanted it delivered by the time she was born. Huge mixup, they ordered the wrong one from Nikon, took forever to get to here and then, as you know, baby decided to try and arrive 6 weeks early. But with perfect timing Brett bought the lens in to hospital the day before she was born. But then I hardly used it, so this is my first play with it really, and still making friends with it.


Tara said...

Oh Katie, she is just sooo adorable! What an answer to prayer that she's doing so well and she's home with you.

Love the photos.

I'm not brave enough to strip Jos into the nuddy to get nice pictures. Bad mummy!!!

Nic Wood said...

Amelia is just beautiful Katie! Glad to hear everything is finally settling down and your getting to relax a bit and enjoy the ride!
(Great taste in hats too - Ive got a pic of one just like it saved in a favourites folder...is it from etsy?)

Janinek said...

Absolutely beautiful pics and I love the name Amelia, it was on my list when Kaitlyn was born! So glad she is doing so much better now.

Mary-Anne said...

I am drooling! I was blessed with 2x boys. She looks yummy in that hat!
Glad to see home is good for her!
Mary-Anne Tostee

Jasmine said...

OH Katie - she is sooooo beautiful. Glad to hear everything is going well :) However much you paid for the beanie - it was worth it!!! It's gorgeous :)

Jas xx

Sofi said...

Oh Katie- I'm thrilled everything is going well and Amelia is so precious and beautiful. An absolute cutie! I unfortunately didn't take any nuddie shots of Bailey as a newborn, but now wish I had.

Leonna said...

The photos are just delicious Katie. Can't wait to see how you scrap them...all those girly papers are now yours, lol!

Sarah said...

:) :)

Aunty Sarah is blubbering mess right now....

What a Blessing...

She is home.. Hooray!! and oh so so devine..

Take care soak up every single minute of that pink goodness..

jane fitchett said...

ohh a new lense to play with, as well as a new baby....lucky you. glad to see that youre getting to do the thing you lovve to do- great piccies- gorgeous girl :)
aunty jane LOL

Belinda Venables said...

These are sooooooooooooooo adorable! I want a cuddle. ;)


Kathleen Pitt said...

She is so adorable, and she looks so healthy Katie, so happy for you all :) Im on 4 week countdown now!

Mary Crosthwaite said...

Simply superb photos of your precious Milly.

Megan said...

OH MY GOODNESS KATIE. She is so precious. What a total cutie. How nice to have such a gorgeous little model at your beck and call for photo shoots!!!
Keep the cute photos coming - It's making me ever so clucky!!

Peahen said...

Again, the pics are adorable, she is adorable and I am certain your lens is adorable LOL (I got to have a play with the same one tonight).

Congrats to Liam, and I agree it was very sweet that they recognized what was happening and how he was adapting to it. He is such a good boy.

kathie said...

Awww. Where can I get a cute little baby like that? I want one NOW!! LOL, she is so gorgeous Katie. That hat is stunning. If I can't have a baby girl, I'd settle for a hat like that ;)