Friday, February 27, 2009

[4 weeks old]

Tomorrow Amelia will be 5 weeks old. And tomorrow is the day she was due to be born :)

This week she's had her hearing test back at Frankston. All went well with that. She just has to have another one later in the year because she was on antibiotics for the first 5 days of her life and apparently antibiotics in early infancy are linked to hearing loss... they didn't tell me that at the time, but then again they were thinking her lungs were about to colapse, so we didn't have much choice anyway. But, so far so good. We're hoping this little miss has given us all the worry that she's going to.

We also had her appointment with her cardiologist again. In a nut shell, everything is going good, so we are going to keep doing the same and see him again in a few weeks. In the mean time he's written to Frankston Hospital introducing/explaining her so we can go there in emergencies as it's 1.5hrs closer than RCH. She'll still end up at RCH, but at the time of emergency we'll at least be able to get her to the closest big hospital to ger her stable before transferring up to RCH. Some babies can start to be worn off the meds, but as she had it quite bad (she had 1-2 episodes every 24hours, comared to 1 or 2 episodes ever) so he's not even looking at reducing her meds until she's at least 12mths old, and they'll be increased/changed as needed in that time.

We ended up taking the boys up with us to RCH. They've never been on a train before and with peak hour traffic we decided the train would be easier. Brett carried Millie in the sling and she loved it. The boys just loved the train as we knew they would. (much more fun than going to school).

I've become very good at checking her heart now. Used to take me quite a few minutes, now I have it with the stethescope within a few seconds, or if I don't have the stethescope on me I can just check her pulse in her upper arm or ankle.

Some piccies of our princess settling in at home:

Her playmat.

Little Brett or what! Toland frown there.
Proud big brother. He just adores her:
Awwww *sniff*
"love you Bemelia, you're so cuuuute, and gorgeous and bootiful"
In her swing (thanks Aunty Sammy and Aunty Sharnie) xx

Mumma cuddles (again!)
And some photo plays (natural light):


Leonna said...

OMG how cute are the photos in the widdle bed!! Where did you get that from? And Ethan adoring her awwwwwww! Love them Katie. Will stop for a cuddle next time I see her. xx

Sofi said...

AWWWW, Ethan looks like a wonderful big brother.

Was the little bed from IKEA? Millie looks so perfect sleeping in it.

Cameron said...

Awwww, gorgeous photos as usual. I can't wait for the next cuddle. XXX