Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11.02.2009 [18 days old]

Her daily ECG this morning showed impulses comming from a few different areas in the top chambers (it should only come from one). The extra impulses were being corrected by the central node and only it was only letting one impulse out (making one heart beat, which is what we want). So the central node is doing it's job, and filtering out the extra impulses, not letting them become extra heartbeats. At the moment it's not causing a problem, but they want her to wear a halter monitor for another 24hours, (so they can download everything her heart has done for the 24 hours and study it) to check it out and decide whether it will be a problem or not. As of 4pm this afternoon, when we left the hospital, the cardio's had still not been up to put it on.

Such a waiting game...

Oh, and for some reason her cardiologist has been changed again and she's back under Rob again instead of Andrew. Have no idea why that is.


Sarah said...

I just looked at the recent photos and i can't believe all of her dark hair :) she is so very cute...

Great news the new meds are all working..

Take care

kathie said...

It's good to hear that her heart is working to do the right thing. She certainly does look cute, so I'm not surprised she has the nurses wrapped around her little finger.

Good luck with the training. You'll be super. Thinking of you Katie. Wish I were closer and could do something to help out.

Nic Wood said...

Sounds like it wont be to long till you finally get your gorgeous little princess home!

As scary as it all seems now, Im sure you will take it all in your stride and you will be the best Mummy she could ever wish for!!!

Praying for you to have Amelia home with you really soon.