Monday, February 23, 2009

24.02.2009 [1 month old]


Geez what a month it's been! You can tell she's nearing her due date. She's actually opening her eyes for a little while each day now and looking around. She seriously did not open her eyes for more than a second before and that was usually only when someone jabbed her with a needle. She's also developing her cry. Up until a few days ago (probably even yesterday really) she sounded more like a squeeky toy... or a lamb. But now she's got a cry. And boy did she use it overnight! OK, so she wasnt' that bad, she settles very quick after feeding and generally only cries if she has wind, or is hungry. But last night she was hungry every 1.5-2hours! I'm stuffed LOL Thank goodness Brett is still home and could do the boys. Lord knows what they have gone to school and childcare actually looking like, but hey, beggers (or sleepers) can't be choosers ;)

Last night after her medicine she did a massive chuck. Great... so how much of her meds did she throw up? We can't just give her more because it can slow down her heart too much. Too much medicine is more dangerous than not enough, so we kept an eye on her all night and gave her this mornings dose. All was well and she's still ticking along nicely.

She has her hearing screen today. She was supposed to have it before she left special care, but seeing as she was rushed out of there in the middle of the night it didn't get done. Then it was assumed she'd go back there after RCH so would have it done there. But we skipped that and ended up going straight home. So we have to go back and have it done today.

Then tomorrow back up to RCH to see her cardiologist again. We have to be there at 9.45am. Hmmm so that means we have to drop Liam off at a neighbours at about 6.30am (who will then take him to school) and then drop Ethan off at mum's at 7.00am (who will take him to kinder later on) and then leave for the peak hour rush to get to Melbourne.

I have some snaps of Amelia I'll add soon (when I download them - I hate downloading pics and I'm so lazy about doing it.)

Must get ready for hearing test.

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Mary Crosthwaite said...

I hope all went well for the hearing test, and I would love to see more of your delightful photos of your precious Milly.