Friday, February 13, 2009

12.02.2009 [19 days old]

Guess what!...

They had said to me on Tuesday there was a possiblity she could be comming home on Thursday as long as everything continued to go well. We knew how quickly everything could turn around though, so we decided not to tell the boys until we knew for sure she was comming home, as Liam would have just been devistated if he knew, and then she didn't come home. Mum was with me when the docs told me, so only mum, Brett and I knew. Then Wednesdays ECG showed up the extra signals in the top chambers, and that put a question mark on whether she'd come home or not. I couldn't even let myself think about her comming home. She had to wear the holter monitor for 24hours, and then have Thursdays ECG, and there was not allowed to be ONE hickup on either of those. Brett took Thursday off to come in. We hid the capsule in the boot of the car, dropped Liam off at school, dropped Ethan off at Brett's parents and headed up to the city. They took the Holter monitor off her before the 24hours, and went off to download/read it, and the Cardio came to do the ECG (was like watching grass grow). The doc came in to take the ECG printout and went off to read it. About 30mins later she came in waving. I looked at her a bit puzzled I think, because she said "I'm waving goodbye! You're free to go!!" OMG EXCITED!! Just one more visit from the pharmacist to explain about her drugs and we packed her up and headed home. It took us over 3hours to get to Brett's parents place. It took us 1hr to get from Flemington Road (RCH) to the casino! And the whole way I was constantly turning around and checking on her like a nervous first time mum. LOL
It was 7pm by the time we got to Brett's parents. They got the shock of their lives when they saw Brett standing at the door and realised he was holding her. There were tears everywhere, which was so beautiful. She had lots of cuddles while we ate our dinner, and then packed everyone into the car (they'd picked up Liam from school) and then headed off to show GG (Great Gran/Brett's Nanna), who had never seen her yet.
Finally about 10.30pm we got home. It's SO NICE to be a complete family, all together under one roof.

Oh and should add the original plan was that once RCH had her heart issues sorted out she was supposed to head back to Frankston to get her feeding and any remaining premmie issues sorted out. But she's feeding so beautifully we were able to bypass Frankston and head straight home :)


Peahen said...

Ah, this is SO EXCITING Katie. I almost spat my tea out when I saw your MSN message. Welcome home Amelia. See you soon sweetie. I will let you settle in before I resume my annoying habbit of "popping in".

Briony said...

Ohh Katie! I have happy tears for you all. So glad Amelia is home with you all.
Take care,

Tara said...

Oh I am just so happy for you. Yay!

Sofi said...

Oh Katie! I'm so happy for you all!

Nic Wood said...

What awesome news Katie, Im so excited you that Im sitting here in tears after reading your post...happy tears of course. Enjoy your new little touch of pink in the family!

Nic xxx

Jasmine said...

OH Katie - that is WONDERFUL news!!! I'm so happy for you and Brett and the boys :D Great news that she is feeding well, so she could come straight home without having to be transferred again. I'll be continuing to pray that she settles in well at home and that everything goes smoothly :)
YAY!!! :)

Love Jas xx

miss~nance said...

I saw your message on MSN last night too and was waiting to read all about it in here. I cried as I read this post also.How awesome is it that she - your precious Amelia is home.

Lots love and hugs to you all.


Megan said...

Ohh Katie so very happy you are all under the one roof again. Will continue to pray for you guys are you all settle in to becoming a family of five and how that all works. Love to you guys.

Cass said...

*hugs* Praise God!

Kim G said...

Such wonderful news Katie. I hope everything goes well for you from here and that your little princess continues to do all the right things. She is beautiful!

lusi said...

I'm crying looking at the beautiful photos of her in her car seat!!!!!!! THANK YOU LOVING LORD!!!!
Praying that EVERYTHING continues to go well for you guys and that Amelia grows daily from strength to strength.
Sending my love mate,
Lus x

cassi girl said...

Oh congratulations. It is so nice to have your family together.
Hoping eveything continues to go well for you all.

Sandi :)

klarnold said...

YEAH Katie - that is great news!

dannii_b said...

Hey Katie!!!!

I just came across your blog from your post in the SCPBA flickr group. Have spent the last 30 mins catching up reading your older posts and crying for you. You are such a strong woman!!!
So glad Miss Milly is home now, hope you are all having a lovely time being a proper family.
All the best for the road ahead and I look forward to reading this blog more.

Lisa said...

Hip Hip Hooray Katie!!! I am ever so pleased for you to have miss M home at last . No more trooping into the hospital everyday. And now you can have cuddles whenever you want!!! (Only mums who have had to leave their babies long term in hospital will get that one).
Hope you are doing well, and will hope to see you soon!!!!!

Mary Crosthwaite said...

That is such fabulous news for you all. I pray that she settles in well and thrives beautifully.

Rachel said...

Welcome home baby Girl!! :) :) How tiny does she look in her seat!

Hope you're all doing well.


Tanya said...

Oh Kate... I'm so glad to read your little princess is finally home!! Yay!!!! Gosh she looks so tiny in her capsule! & she is absolutely beautiful!!!

Love & hugs,

Tanya xxxxx

kathie said...

Oh yay! How sweet she looks all bundled up in her car seat. I hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

Gemma Higgins-Sears said...

Hi there!! I can't wait to sit down and read your blog properly but right now kids are running a riot! I only just found the blog (from your link) and scrolling looking at the images and just have to say she is gorgeous!
Can't wait to read but so glad to know that she is home!!
xx Gemma

Shannon said...

Katie, your last post bought tears of joy to my eyes. Congrats on finally getting Amelia home.


Crop For Kids said...

That is the most fantastic news! I hope everything is settling down nicely. It must be absolutely wonderful having her home at last.


Belinda Venables said...

Ooohhhhh *cluck cluck* she is beeeeeeeeeeeeutiful! I just can't stop looking at those photos. I bet you could easily eat her
So gald that she is home. :)


Sal :-) said...

Oh Katie I am so slow at catching up.

I'm still teary now reading this post!!!

So happy that you are all home :-D