Wednesday, February 4, 2009

5.02.09 [12 days old]

Ethan had a great first day at kinder. It was only a short session to start with, but he loved it, and he's back again this afternoon, and looking forward to that. He's 4 today!! Happy birthday my big boy. He had a family party on Saturday at my sisters house, and so tonight we're just having birthday cake after dinner, and a few neighbours are popping in for cake.

Liam's enjoying grade 1, although he's been a bit nervous in the mornings. He's settling in well once he's there and found some friends.

Amelia: We went up to visit her last night as soon as Brett got home from work. She's just so beautiful. I really, really needed to just hold her and touch her. I missed her so much. I held her till I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and then we headed home. I crashed into bed the second I walked in the door and then slept through my alarm (and Brett's alarm too) this morning. Woke just in time to get Liam ready and off to school. Amelia had one episode of SVT overnight, but thankfully it was short (about 20 seconds) and then she came out of it on her own. I think I mentioned yesterday that her drugs had been increased. Her nurse last night said it could take months to get her drugs right :( I'm trying not to look too far into the future at the moment. Will download some pics and try and get them up here today.

PM update: She had another SVT at 9.20am (obviously RCH are not going to call me when she has them!) She had to be given adenosine again to bring her out of it. She's now on 3ml of Propanalol (was on 1ml initially then 2ml). If she has another one overnight she'll be put on a different drug tomorrow (satalol?)


Jasmine said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

Great news that Amelia's episode last night was only a short one. Praying that they work out the meds soon!

Jas xx

jane fitchett said...

yay! happy birthday to the new big brother :)
Amelia is in great care there Katie, and i know it will all get better :):)
thinking of you all constantly

Karen L said...

Happy Birthday to Ethan Katie - great news about Amelia coming out of it on her own last night too. Praying for her that it will completely vanish.

Tara said...

Glad to hear last night was much better.

Birthday wishes to Ethan.

Leonna said...

Just saw the new photos...she's so beautiful! The boys piccies with their sister are precious. I bet you got teary watching them all together. It can only get better... ;o)

Sarah said...

Oh those piccs.. wowee yup i am a blubbering She is so so cute...

Thinking of you guys everyday..

take care and get some rest
Big hugs to you and the boys..

Jasmine said...

How adorable are all the new photos!!! I LOVE those ones of her sleeping :) The ones of you & Brett and the boys with Amelia are so precious.
Praying she can come home really soon!

Jas xx

Peahen said...

A huge happy Birthday to Ethan. I am so glad you started this blog and have now shared the link to more people. I keep checking on SACPB every day for updates now I can just check here. Thinking of you all the time. I miss you cant wait to meet Amelia. XXX