Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just for the record... I don't think I've ever mentioned that Amelia has two birth weights. I think in the rush to get her to special care someone got mixed up. She has both 2640g and 2685g recorded. I've just looked through photos of her birth and I remembered telling Brett to get a pic of the numbers on the scales when he went up to special care with her. The pic I have says 2685g. Also just did a google for the pounds conversion (especially for GG lol) and it makes her 5lb 9oz.

Yesterday while Liam was at school and Ethan was at childcare Brett, Amelia and I hit the shops to get our girl some smaller clothes. 4x0 Bonds Wondersuits fit her perfectly, but we've always used them as pj's, and well I don't want her in her jammies all day long. (even if she is asleep all day long!) And yes... I got pink. I nearly bought red in one suit and then decided to go for the pink. It's happening already LOL (for those who didn't know, I didn't really like pink before Miss Milly).

Today I had to go into Medicare to put in the forms for Amelia. Talk about jumping through hoops. Woman in there made me want to cry. Can't believe I've held myself together for the past three and a half weeks (although I did cry a lot in those weeks) and now the woman in Medicare makes me want to cry LOL. What's with that? Can I blame it on hormones still?

Well better go read with the boys before Amelia wakes up for a feed. She's been asleep 3.5hours now. I want to wake her up so I can cuddle her LOL. Naughty mummy.


Nic Wood said...

LOL at the pink- trust me it will slowly take over! Considering there are only two girls in our house (and I was never a real pink fan either!) there is an extremely disproportionate mount of pink stuff in our house now! Its just a matter of time !!!

Jasmine said...

I was never much into pink either before my princess came along. Miss Lily has DEFINITELY changed that lol. EVERYTHING with her HAS to be pink ;)
I don't blame you for wanting to wake Amelia for cuddles - especially after 3.5 hours. I LOVE newborn cuddles. You're not a naughty mummy at all :) ENJOY!
Jas xx

Peahen said...

WTF did the medicare lady do? When we had Anna we would look at the washing line after we did a special baby clothes wash with the special lux flakes and it was just a vision of pink.....everything was pink.

P.S.....yes don't let anyone from EB see your baby out and about in a bonds wondersuit......You will be branded a bogan for life.