Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10.02.2009 [17 days old]

No SVT's overnight or today. Docs are starting to discuss discharge plan, which includes training me to use the stethescope and be able to check her heartrate, what to do when she's in SVT, when the panic and when not to, how to administer her meds and a possible date for discharge.

She's feeding beautifully. Breast feeding if I'm there, and bottle with Haberman teat if I'm not there. She's maintaining her temp quite well now. She had moments where her heartrate will drop too low (around 70bmp), but it comes back up on it's own after a few seconds. They don't seem too concerned about it.

Mum and I gave her a bath today. Mum comes in with me most days, as Brett is back at work. It's a two person job to bath her, as someone needs to hold her IV arm out of the water. She LOVES her baths, and usually falls asleep in them. Actually she just usually sleeps full stop. The nurses all say she's so easy. All she does is eat, sleep and poo. Hopefully she'll keep that up when we do eventually get home :) They are also impressed with her feeding now that she's sucking. They say she drinks beautifully from the bottle, is done in 10mins, sits up and burbs then goes off to sleep. She's such a sweet little angel. Her nurses are all so in love with her too LOL. One of her nurses came into me at 6am on Sunday morning, when I was feeding her, and they'd just been doing their change over. She said "they're all out there talking about how pretty your baby is" LOL Of course I think she's adorable anyway.

Need to download photos and add some to previous posts, so will just bath the boys and then do that.


Peahen said...

Even your post sounds more relaxed Katie. I am so happy to hear that little Amelia is preparing to come home. I can't wait to see how adorable this little princess is in real life. Sounds like she has stolen a fair few hearts. XXX

Kylie said...

oh - glad to hear things are looking up Katie! hugs and kisses to all the boys and you two girls!