Saturday, February 7, 2009

07.02.2009 [2 weeks old]

Happy two week birthday sweetheart :) xx

Amelia's cardiologist has been changed. She's been picked up by Andrew Davies who is the rythem specialist at RCH, and specialises in SVT. So that has to be a good thing. Today he ordered daily ECG's be done, and changed her drug from Propanalol to Sotalol. (more for my recods as I'm sure it doesn't interest anyone else). Propanalol is short acting, so it's the drug they always start on, incase there is a problem with it, it's out of their system sooner. Once they can tolerate that, they can be changed to other drugs if needed. The Propanalol was still not working on Amelia even after 3x 3ml doeses a day, so she's now on 2x 3ml doses of Sotalol. So far, so good. I stayed in the hospital overnight and breast fed her every 3hours. Most feeds she'll take about 25ml from the breast and then needs to be topped up with the other 25ml via her nasel gastric tube or bottle with Haberman teat. So far today, so good. No SVT's since the one on my lap yesterday.

Eyes open! It doesn't happen often.

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